1. mady says:

    fuck this not working

  2. siddharth says:

    cant see the movie some error lol

  3. mike says:

    please fix it :-)

  4. neeti says:

    can’t watch

  5. nk1 says:

    it’s working fine, try the second link

  6. siddharth says:

    wtf is asking for google drive

  7. Zeeshan Gill says:

    Not Working dear host or admin.. kindly fix it ..with best regards.. Zeeshan !!! Have a good day..!!

  8. Imran says:

    nt working

  9. soobhash seechurn says:

    Not working!

  10. sagir says:

    its toooooooo slow……..

  11. actually its not working

  12. nadir ali says:

    nadir khan tery bin

  13. Affan says:

    last server is working

  14. dfgh says:

    wont work at all

  15. my neme is birendra says:


  16. bilal says:

    bakwas movie

  17. sona says:

    nice one and funny movie after a long time we can see this movie with family

  18. Rohail Hassan says:

    Working fine very nice movie thanks for this uploadn

  19. bhumi says:

    very nice

  20. pukar pathak says:

    very nice

  21. UndaCoverRomeo says:

    Kya baat hai !!! Fantasic movie yaar keep all latest movies updated okay please bro always yea thankz man !!!

  22. Satya says:

    Yes, thanks for uploading new movies on this site.

  23. this is great .i love movi

  24. junaid says:

    bakwas movie hai yaar,kya hogaya raj kumar santoshi ko aisi film banaoge yaar,plz work hard santoshi

  25. abeerali says:

    fuuny but not intersting

  26. sony says:

    its not wrkng

  27. 05928211waleed says:

    this movie player is not working

  28. ahmed_sabbir says:

    not working

  29. Omer says:

    Please phata poster nikla hero work
    I like the movie

  30. jenitta c saji says:

    nice phataka

  31. ADITYEE says:


  32. Gaurav Singh cool says:

    better…………………………..but sooooooooooo slow

  33. hassan says:

    nice movie

  34. steffan says:

    super film

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